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Online Counselling & Therapy

Many people prefer the convenience and comfort of their own home to engage in counselling. Meeting online also allows you to access support safely, reducing the need to travel and the chance of exposure to Covid 19. Considering the risks and changing health impacts of this pandemic, online counselling is arguably the safest option for clients, practitioners and others in the community. At times, according to the current levels of community transmission and social restrictions, I may work exclusively online. Right now I also offer some in-person sessions at a Summer Hill clinic, where Covid-safe measures are in place (eg. room ventilation, physical distancing, hand sanitising and cleaning of surfaces between clients).  


I aim to help create a comfortable and contained space in which to work with you online. You may find it easier to focus and express yourself in an online medium. Or it may be more challenging and take some adjustment to communicate in this way. You may enjoy being at home, wearing comfortable clothes and bringing a hot drink to your session. Research shows that remote forms of therapy are just as effective as on-site therapy. I can help you get the most from your online sessions, whether you choose to interact by video, telephone, email or a mix.

Video Call Sessions

This involves meeting with the Counsellor for regular appointments over the internet using Zoom, which is a secure and reliable online video call platform. This option is most similar to in-person counselling in that we can see and hear each other on the computer screen. We can also meet by Skype or Whatsapp video calls if you prefer. 

Things to consider:

  • Do you have a private space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of your session?

  • Do you have a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with a video camera?

  • Do you have a good, stable internet connection?

  • How comfortable are you with this kind of technology? 

  • Will you need help to set up your video meeting?

  • I can send you step-by step instructions and talk you through this way of working. 

Telephone Sessions 

This involves us talking over the phone or using Zoom or other online call platform with audio only, at scheduled appointment times. This option suits people who feel more comfortable 'opening up' over the phone or without face to face contact. 

Things to consider:

  • Do you have a private space for your sessions and can keep interruptions to a minimum?

  • Will you make the calls on your landline or mobile phone? Check that you have enough available minutes or data on your mobile plan. Or use an online app with audio only (Zoom, Skype, whatsapp). 

  • How comfortable are you with communicating over the phone? 

  • What do you need? You may have had positive experiences of being heard and supported by phone, or you may rely more on visual cues or need to be seen by the Counsellor. 

  • We can talk about what mode would best suit you and the issues you want to work on.

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